Fading Contest Results! – Indigo/Indigo Selvedge

About 6 months ago we announced our very first Denim Fading Contest… Now, the results are in!

We would really like to thank everyone who entered and who had fun beating up their indigo/indigo 14.5oz selvedge denim jeans for this contest! I was curious as to how these jeans would fade due to the warp and weft yarns both being rope-dyed indigo, and I’m very happy to see some amazing results!

Everyone who entered automatically wins a little prize. This time we have decided to give away a denim bowtie or necktie to everyone who entered. (We’ll mail those out later this week.) There is a grand prize winner who wins a free custom made pair of N&F jeans from their choice of a selection of denim fabrics from our private collection. Plus, 2 runners up get a free N&F shirt.

Without further ado, the winners are…

GRAND PRIZEMike F – His jeans were the most transformed, had great contrast fading everywhere, mean combs, and the fit was perfect too. Plus his dog looks pretty cool. Congratulations Mike!

1st RUNNER UPFrodo – Hailing all the way from Korea, Frodo showed us some seriously impressive fades, and by far the most odd (but really innovative and neat) back pocket fade we’ve ever seen! Frodo’s real name is Kyoung No Lee but he says « Nickname is Frodo. Why?? I’m be short HaHaHa. » I asked him how he got that crazy back pocket fade and he showed us the photo below where he created his own unique hard-paper die and kept it in his back pocket for 6 months! I have no idea how he actually made that hard-paper die but he’s clearly one crafty dude! Check out his photos below both before and after wash.

2nd RUNNER UPAnthony C – Just great overall fades. My sales manager flipped-out over the superb contrast and texture that he got on the front on his jeans. Well done Anthony.

Ok, now for the honorable mentions…

David G – If there was room for another winner that would probably go to David. Great contrast fades, plus a neat double knife pocket fade.

Matthew P – Cool « Lock fade » in the coin-pocket!

Mark C – I like his indigo stained driver seat!

Jason H – You certainly win the « laziest results photo » award!

Nick U – Great fit and cool doggie…

Sean S - Thanks for visiting me in SF whilst wearing your contest jeans! Sean was high up in the running as well, but sadly not everyone can win the grand prize.

Prashant M – Great detail shots… I especially like the indigo stained leather goods.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Even if your photo was not posted on the page here we still loved all your photos and look forward to more fun contests in the near future. Which brings me to my next point… Next fading contest will be announced tomorrow!!! Stay tuned…

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