Here is a breakdown of shirts from our latest collection!


SlimShirt Dobby Natural Stretch White
SlimShirt Dobby Natural Stretch Pale Blue
RegularShirt Herringbone Dress Twill  Pale Blue
Regular Shirt Herringbone Dress Twill Blue


SlimShirt Soft Brushed Twill Charcoal
SlimShirt Soft Brushed Twill Pale Grey
SlimShirt Soft Brushed Twill Red
Slimshirt Soft Brushed Twill Cream/Blue


RegularShirt Big Tropical Indigo
RegularShirt Big Tropical Black
RegularShirt Jacquard Medallions Navy (also available in red)
RegularShirt Stars & Striped Jacquard


RegularShirt Sumo Print Navy
RegularShirt Sumo Print Cream
RegularShirt Fox Print Grey
RegularShirt Fox Print Blue


RegularShirt ShadowTwill Cream/Brown
RegularShirt Shadow Twill Blue/Yellow
RegularShirt Check Twill Green/Blue
RegularShirt Check Twill Blue/Grey


RegularShirt Complex Dobby Cloth Pale Indigo
RegularShirt Complex Dobby Cloth Grey
RegularShirt Double Gauze Royal
RegularShirt Double Gauze Cyan (also available in White)


RegularShirt Flowers Print Red/Navy
RegularShirt Flowers Print Grey/Black
RegularShirt Herringbone Shadow Twill Red
SlimShirt Luxury Indigo Denim

You can view the entire collection under S/S 15 on the website.

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Check out our Spring/Summer 2015 collection which is currently in stores worldwide!

Here is a quick run-down of our denim from this collection:



Ivory Power Stretch: This 12oz performance denim is designed with a unique blend of high power stretch fibers that stretch out with wear and recovers to its original shape. Available in SuperSkinnyGuy and SkinnyGuy


Carbon Stretch: This lightweight 9oz performance denim is designed with a unique blend of high power stretch fibers that stretch out with wear and recovers to its original shape.  With wash and wear these jeans are designed to stay dark to retain its carbon color. Available in StackedGuy, SuperSkinnyGuy and SkinnyGuy.



Red Weft Stretch Selvedge: This 12oz selvedge denim is created by combining a rope dyed indigo warp (outer yarns), a red weft (interior yarns) and indigo over dye.  The outcome is a dark faced jean, with slight red undertone.  When the cuff is flipped, the red can be shown off.  These jeans will fade from dark indigo, to white, with slight red undertones.

This fabric also contains a blend of high power stretch fibers that stretch out with wear and recovers to its original shape. Available in SuperSkinnyGuy and WeirdGuy.


Slub Stretch Selvedge: This 12.oz Selvedge Denim is created by using slub yarns, (irregular shaped yarn that is thick in some parts skinny in the others).  This type of yarn is used to give the fabric more personality with a bumpy uneven color and texture, similar to hand woven fabrics.  This fabric also contains a blend of high power stretch fibers that stretch out with wear and recovers to its original shape.   The combination creates denim that blends 2 worlds, an artisanal hand woven feel, combined with the comfort and flexibility of stretch. Available in SuperSkinnyGuy, SkinnyGuy and WeirdGuy.



Natural Indigo Loomstate: This 13oz Selvedge denim has been dyed with Natural Indigo and has been preserved in its Loomstate form.  This fabric has not been though any finishing processes like pre shrinking, or anti skewing.  This is denim made the old fashioned way before any of these finishing processes excited.  These jeans will shrink up to one full size and 2 inches in the inseam.  Size up if you plan to wash or soak. Available in SkinnyGuy, WeirdGuy and SlimGuy.


Indigo X Beige 10oz Selvedge: This lightweight 10oz selvedge denim combines an indigo greencast warp (outer yarns) and a beige weft (inside yarns) which creates natural earth tone surface appearance that will yield a unique faded result after wash and wear. Available in SkinnyGuy and WeirdGuy.



Belgium Linen + Supima Cotton Selvedge: Made from two of the finest materials on earth, 50% Extra Long Staple Cotton, and 50% Premium Belgium Linen.  Weighing in at only 9oz this lightweight selvedge denim, extremely durable and breathes exceptionally well, all things essential in the perfect spring summer jeans. Available in SuperSkinnyGuy, WeirdGuy and SlimGuy.


Featherweight Indigo Selvedge: This is 5oz Ultra lightweight selvedge denim!  The lightest weight selvedge fabric we’ve ever used, and quite possibly the lightweight weight selvedge denim in the world.  Which makes them the ultimate in comfort jeans. Available in SuperSkinnyGuy and WeirdGuy.



Sumi Ink Coated Selvedge: This 12oz Selvedge denim started off as indigo denim, and were then coated in a traditional black Japanese calligraphy ink called Sumi. The more you wear and wash these jeans, those more the Sumi ink will fade revealing the deep indigo under layer. The result is black denim that will fade to indigo. Available in SuperSkinnyGuy and WeirdGuy.


Indigo X Copper Twist Selvedge: This 13oz selvedge denim has an indigo rope dyed warp (outter yarns) and a copper twisted weft (inside yarns), which make these jeans a great pair of “cuff flippers”!  As the jeans fade, a slight copper metallic shine will become more and more apparent. Available in SuperSkinnyGuy and WeirdGuy.


Cerulean Selvedge: Made from durable Texas short staple cotton, for rough and tough gritty fading.  The 15oz Cerulean Selvedge is a throwback old world vintage blue color, very rarely seen today. Available in WeirdGuy.