New Spring 2013 styles review

Even though it’s still cold as a freezer outside, our Spring 2013 collection has already been in stores for a while so we thought it would be a good time to do a quick recap of the new styles.



A) Selvedge Chambray – 10oz selvedge blue chambray fabric. Great color and great weight and texture for when the actual Spring weather hits. This is actually a re-release of a fabric we did 2.5 years ago in SkinnyGuy and SlimGuy, now we have it in WeirdGuy as well.

B) Left/Cloud Camo – Soft Japanese twill fabric printed on both sides. Outside leaf camo print with inside brown clouds print. Barneys exclusive. Only in WeirdGuy.

C) Vintage Nudes – Printed inside with 9 repeating images from a 1940 British porn! Flip up the cuff to show it off. We did 4 different leather patches printed with different nudes that are randomly applied to the jeans. Collect them all! ;-) 13.5oz Indigo denim. WeirdGuy only.

D) SUVIN ELS selvedge – This fabric is special and rich because of the unique cotton yarns used. ELS stands for Extra Long Staple cotton yarns. These are the type of yarns normally used in luxury high thread count linens! SUVIN is a mix of sea island and St-Vincent cotton and rivals even the longest staple Egyptian cotton yarn. Limited edition production. Thick American Buffalo leather patch. This style will never be made again. WeirdGuy only.

E) Forest Green Selvedge – Great saturated green color with cream color selvedge edges. 14oz denim. Rope dyed warp yarns means this denim will also fade incredibly. We have done this fabric a few years ago and I’ve already seen some killer fades. WeirdGuy only.


F) Pale Blue Stretch – Vintage 1970′s color stretch denim. I love that you can get the bleached out color on a raw denim like this. SkinnyGuy only.

G) Rich Blue Stretch – Rich bold royal blue stretch denim. The color is inspired by 1960′s denim. Super comfy and a great color for Spring, SkinnyGuy fit.

H) Stretch Selvedge – This denim brings you a piece of 2 worlds. On one hand you get a shuttle loomed raw selvedge denim which is great for fading, on the other hand you get a stretchy and comfy denim that is easy to wear for everyone. 12oz indigo rope dyed denim. Available in WeirdGuy and in our brand new fit SuperSkinnyGuy! (SuperSkinnyGuy is a shorter and more narrow version of the SkinnyGuy).

I) Blue Weft Selvedge – One of my favorite new style is this new take on the Red Weft Selvedge. This 13oz denim features a dark indigo warp with a royal blue weft. Great for cuffing or rolling. Features a blue pull-up leather patch that also fades beautifully. WeirdGuy + SlimGuy fits.

J) Red Weft Selvedge – This super popular style was made in limited edition in the past and is now back due to popular demand. Indigo warp and red weft in this 12.5oz selvedge denim. Fullgrain red leather patch. WeirdGuy fit.

K) N&F X KA – Collabo between Naked & Famous Denim + Kamikaze Attack! This was a Barneys exclusive last season and is now available at fine boutiques everywhere. 14oz indigo/indigo selvedge denim. Great details like deer-skin leather patch (complete with a nude Japanese punk rocker girl licking a guitar between her boobies) hidden back pocket rivets, chain-stitched hems, custom death beetle pocket bags and half-lined back pockets. Made in Kojima, Japan. SkinnyGuy fit with 37in inseam.


L) Thermochromic Selvedge – These crazy jeans change colors with heat! A molecule inside the dyestuff reacts to heat and changes colors based on the temperature range. Don’t worry, the jeans change colors all over and not just in your “happy areas”. Red selvedge edges. Blue pull-up leather patch. WeirdGuy fit.

M) Royalcast Selvedge – 12.5oz broken twill royalcast selvedge denim. The royal blue color is outstanding and makes this a killer dark-indigo alternative jean. The touch is soft but not silky and these jeans will fade very well with wear and wash. This is the newer version of our previous greencast selvedge denim. Available in SkinnyGuy + WeirdGuy + SlimGuy.

N) Vintage Dungaree Denim – 9.75oz lightweight selvedge denim. Workwear blue warp and mixed grey weft inside. This fabric reminds me of my grandfathers old painter dungarees. SkinnyGuy + WeirdGuy + SlimGuy.

O) Rainbow Fade Selvedge – Just like our red core jeans faded to red, these amazing jeans will fade to multicolor rainbow fades! Wow! Barneys exclusive. I can’t wait to see beatup versions of these. Maybe these will be our next contest jeans. WeirdGuy only.

P) Lightweight Selvedge – Just as it sounds, a 10oz lightweight rope-dyed indigo selvedge denim. Same crisp and rigid hand of a heavier denim but lighter weight. Great to rock once the temperatures rise or for anyone who wants the look of raw but with more comfort and ease of wear. SkinnyGuy + WeirdGuy + SlimGuy.

Other new styles also include the new fit SuperSkinnyGuy in Black Power-Stretch and in Left Hand Twill Selvedge which are not featured in the photo above.


39 thoughts on “New Spring 2013 styles review

  1. Zach

    When will both the Thermochromic and Rainbow Fades actually release for purchase from both Tate & Yoko and Barneys, respectively? And also, what should the retail be? Would love to pick them up right away because it’s probably safe to say they will all disappear rather quickly.

  2. Noah

    So excited to see how the rainbow fades turn out. Unfortunately, I need to break in these dirty fades that have been waiting on me forever. If only I had a legitimate reason to grab the rainbows…

  3. Erik

    I am for sure going to buy those blue wefts, looking great as usual, Brandon. Keep up the good work! Ever thought of doing something heavier than 32oz?

  4. Garrett

    Brandon – Barney’s doesn’t have the Rainbows on their site or in most stores. Any other way to get a pair? I really want them, but I’m afraid that the Barney’s near me isn’t going to get any!

  5. Kamran

    Zach – I picked up a pair of rainbow fades from my local Barneys and they were $198.

    Garrett – I know they have a bunch of sizes of the rainbow fades at Barneys Beverly Hills, if you want to give them a call and talk to the COOP department. I’m sure they’ll do an order and send you a pair.

  6. Tony

    Will the thermochromic properties of the jeans wear off over time? Will washing affect the thermochromic properties?

  7. Steve

    Will these jeans become more available as time goes by because they are hard to find right now. Any chance of getting them at American Rag or Barneys COOP?

  8. Matthew P

    Hey Brandon! Just wanted to say thank you for fixing my 32oz top button hole that really was a treat!

    Just wanted to add that i picked up a pair of Thermochromic jeans and i was wondering how would i go about washing them and should i limit the amount i wash them so that colour change lasts longer..or..?

    Btw, my brother just ordered a pair of Raindow fades from Barneys New York can’t wait to see how they fade..hopefully they are your next contest jeans!!

  9. Brandon Post author

    Matthew – Like any raw denim, try to wash as little as possible in order to preserve the color. Wash inside-out in cold water and hang to dry.

  10. Crystal

    No new womens jeans? :( I’m really enjoying the skinnygirl indigo stretch, but I’m hoping to see some women’s selvedge!

  11. Brandon Post author

    Crystal – Yes, we have several great new womens styles. I will try to post them this week! We do have stretch selvedge for women in stores now!

  12. Ryan

    If I wear a tag size of 30 in the Skinny Guy Jeans, Would you recommend a tag size of 29 in the Weird Guy Jeans. ( I do not have anywhere to try N/F jeans before I order.)

  13. Erik

    Do you guys make a black SkinnyGuy that’s Selvedge (like the Power Black, for example, but in selvedge)? I’m looking for any selvedge SkinnyGuy that’s black!

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