Fall 2012 Collection – Jeans

Here is a quick review of our exciting NEW Fall 2012 jeans collection! Hooray! I’ve shown one photo per new fabric. Please see below for fabric and other info on each style…

The below are just the new fabrics. Our great basics like Left Hand Twill Selvedge, Indigo Selvedge, Deep Indigo, Solid Black Selvedge and many more are always available. Now for the photos…..

1) Double-Sided Camo (WeirdGuy pictured here)

2) Dirty Fade Selvedge (SkinnyGuy pictured here)

3) Indigo/Indigo Selvedge (SkinnyGuy pictured here)

4) Big Slub Selvedge (WeirdGuy pictured here)

5) Soft Raw Selvedge

6) Red Core Selvedge (WeirdGuy pictured here)

7) Indigo Corduroy (WeirdGuy pictured here)

8 ) Pomegranate Selvedge (WeirdGuy pictured here)

9) Selvedge Chino Beige (WeirdGuy pictured here)

10) Selvedge Chino Khaki Green (WeirdGuy pictured here – also, color is way nicer in real life.)

11) Selvedge Chino Sand (WeirdGuy pictured here)

12) Low Tension Selvedge (WeirdGuy pictured here)

13) Indigo Sashiko (WeirdGuy pictured here)

14) Glow in the Dark Stretch (SkinnyGuy pictured here)


1) Double-Sided Camo – A soft and easy to wear camo twill printed on both sides with different color combos so that you can roll up the cuff and show off the alternate color. Available in WeirdGuy + SlimGuy. Available now!

2) Dirty Fade Selvedge – 14.5oz indigo rope-dyed selvedge denim. We take beige dyed warp yarns and then rope-dye them in indigo afterwards so that the core of the yarn is beige with layers of indigo around it. As you beat up these jeans they appear to get more beigey and dirty looking hence… “dirty fade”. Available in SkinnyGuy + WeirdGuy + SlimGuy. Available now!

3) Indigo/Indigo Selvedge – 12oz version of our past indigo warp + indigo weft selvedge denim. The fabric is beautiful and crisp and will fade with both vertical and horizontal “marbled” fading. Available in SkinnyGuy + WeirdGuy + SlimGuy. Available now!

4) Big Slub Selvedge – Heavyweight 18oz Selvedge denim with giant slub yarns. Super bumpy and irregular texture makes these a denim nerds dream! Check out a faded pair from our first season (4.5 years ago!) by clicking here. Available in WeirdGuy + SlimGuy. Available now!

5) Soft Raw Selvedge – These are our gateway jeans! For anyone who wants raw jeans but can’t stand rigid denim, these jeans are for you! A low tension weave and extra long staple cotton create a denim that is soft and raw at the same time. Available in SkinnyGuy + WeirdGuy + SlimGuy. Available now!

6) Red Core Selvedge – Similar to the dirty core, but these indigo jeans fade to red with wear! Holy cow! Check out some faded pics by clicking here. Available in WeirdGuy only. Available now!

7) Indigo Corduroy – Quite simply indigo corduroy 5-pocket jeans that fade like indigo denim! I can’t wait to see a faded pair soon! Available in WeirdGuy + SlimGuy. Available now!

8 ) Pomegranate Selvedge – This is a left hand twill 14oz denim dyed in a blend of natural and synthetic dyes. The color is saturated and outstanding! We’ve done this style 1 year ago in limited quantity and we are bringing it back in limited numbers again. WeirdGuy only. Available now!

9) Selvedge Chino Beige – A soft and luxurious 12oz selvedge chino fabric in 5-pocket jeans fit. This beige color is a repeat from last season and is a great basic. Available in WeirdGuy + SlimGuy. Available now!

10) Selvedge Chino Khaki Green – The color of the photo below does not do justice to this beautiful shade of deep khaki green. You must see it in person to appreciate the rich color and feel. WeirdGuy only. Available now!

11) Selvedge Chino Sand – A soft and luxurious 12oz selvedge chino fabric in 5-pocket jeans fit. New color! WeirdGuy only. Available now!

12) Low Tension Selvedge – In my opinion the best value out there! These will sell out super fast! See more details here

13) Indigo Sashiko – The first ever “Judo Jeansu”! Made from double woven sashiko fabric normally used to make judo and kendo uniforms. A unique and beautiful fabric with a soft but textured feel. Available in SkinnyGuy + WeirdGuy. Available end-August.

14) Glow in the Dark Stretch – One of our craziest and most fun jeans we have ever done, but now in a stretch version! The jeans come with a mini UV light keychain so you can “draw” glowing lines on your jeans in the dark! SkinnyGuy only. But also available in a skinny fit version for women! Available end-July 2012.

41 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Collection – Jeans

  1. DU Chris

    Loving the Selvedge Chino Khaki Green and the Dirty Fade Selvedge! Are the khaki 12oz also?

  2. Brandon Post author

    Yes! The corduroy jeans will be available in about 1 week or less. The sashiko jeans will be available at the end of August.

  3. John C.

    More details on the Indigo Sashiko!!! What’s the weight? Retail? Will these be difficult to fade?

  4. Michael

    Will you guys ever carry jeans that are skinnier? I want something where it’s more tapered below the knees.

  5. Karl


    I’m really liking the new line up but I’m disappointed that there won’t be any regular guy cuts available. Will that fit make a come back or is it permanently discontinued?

  6. Brandon Post author

    Karl – There are RegularGuy jeans in the collection! 2 fabrics are available. Just not any new ones for this season. 2 new fabrics will come in January 2013.

  7. Joszef

    Will there be any 14oz Sulphur Black Weird Guy denims this fall too? Really could use a new pair!

  8. Ryan

    “double woven sashiko fabric”

    Is this going to affect the normal measurements? Double weave tighter than normal?

  9. Sattyz

    very interesting with Indigo Sashiko, and im sure thats my new pair in this month!! is this without selvage fabrics??

  10. Brandon Post author

    Jeff – I doubt it. The sashiko fabric is used to make judo uniforms in Japan. So if you’ve ever seen a beat up judo or kendo outfit, that is what these will fade to. That is, if you beat the hell out of them!

  11. Michael

    Just bought the glow in the dark jeans at Holts.

    How can you maintain the paint inside the jeans? Dry clean?

    PS: Mini keychains on jeans get stolen, mine didn’t come with one :(

  12. Aaron

    I’m currently 3 months into wearing my Indigo Selvedge, and I just bought the Dirty Fade. I’m thinking of just alternating between the two. Will wearing them every second day hurt the fading process or will it just take longer? My other option is just holding onto the new ones until I’ve washed my indigos… What do you think?

  13. Brandon Post author

    Aaron – I can’t really answer your question because that is a personal choice. You’ve gotta do whatever makes you happy. Alternating between the 2 will not “hurt” anything. It will mean you are splitting the wear time between 2 pairs and so they will each take longer to fade. But that’s ok as well. Again, the whole fun of raw denim is that YOU get to decide its fate.

  14. tommy

    I know this is late, but will you be re-releasing the double sided camo? I NEED another pair of those…

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