We just got some new bowties in so I thought you guys might like to see… We bought some nice polka dot chambray fabric and had some extra so we cut them into bowties. Always made with vintage NYC-made hardware from the 1950s. Clip-on and nerdy as usual… Just the way we like it! We also have our original indigo, black and grey denim bowties, and some soft colorful chambray ones as well. Enjoy!

Origami Event at Four Horsemen in Victoria BC

Our next stop on the Denim Origami tour brings me to what is by far the best mens store in Victoria BC… Four Horsemen. We’ll see you there on Sunday April 29th. Rumour has it there will be Japanese beer + candy! Also, my brother was kind enough to buy me this book, Pornogami, for my bday, so I may have to make the first ever selvedge denim origami vagina! Hooray!

New Circular Knit T-Shirts

We are proud to announce the release of our brand new circular knit t-shirts! The shirts are made just a few doors down from our head office in Montreal in an old family run factory that have been knitting circular fabric and sewing t-shirts and underwear for 70 years. Both the fabric and sewing is all done on site. The loopwheeling/circular knitting machines are the original ones they have been using for decades. We love

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