New Fading Contest – Red Core Selvedge

Now that our last fading contest has ended its time to start a new one! The new jean is the WeirdGuy Red Core Selvedge, which is available exclusively in USA at Barneys and Barneys COOP stores. You can also buy it online HERE


The contest is very simple. To enter, all you have to do is buy a pair of these jeans at your local Barneys New York or Barneys COOP store, (or at the link above) and send us a photo of the front and back of the jeans. Please also include your name and email address. Then, wear your jeans hard and beat them up for 6 months! As your jeans fade, please send us progress photos. Finally, on Sept 18, 2012 please send us a photo of your jeans and we will choose from all the entries and announce the winners!

Here is a photo of the raw jean…

Here are the contest details:

Start date: March 18, 2012 (but you can enter at any time before May 18)

End date: Sept 18, 2012

Featured Jean: WeirdGuy – Red Core Selvedge (only this jean is applicable for this contest, and its only available at Barneys.)

How to enter: Buy a pair of these jeans from Barneys, and send us front and back photos, your name and your email. Then, on Sept 18, 2012 send us a photo of your beat up jeans! Send photos to

Grand Prize: The 1st place winner will get a free custom pair of N&F jeans! You will get to choose from 10 limited edition fabrics from our private collection, choose the fit, thread color and leather patch!

Runner Up: The 2nd and 3rd place best faded jeans will each get a free N&F shirt from our current collection.


More about the Red Core denim…

This denim was chosen for the contest because it is built to fade in an interesting way. It’s indigo denim that fades wil red marks! This fade effect is created by the innovative dyeing process. First we vat dye the warp yarns in a red reactive dye which is a permanent dye that is absorbed to the core of the yarn. Then, we rope-dye the same yarns in indigo, which creates an indigo color yarn with a red core. As you beat up the denim the indigo dye chips away and the red core is revealed.

Here are some photos of a pair worn for only 3 months…

Good luck and thank you to all participants!

32 thoughts on “New Fading Contest – Red Core Selvedge

  1. Chris M.

    Oh if only I had known I would’ve bought a pair of these instead of the N&F / Momotaro Collaboration 2. My collab is already on its way. Shucks.

  2. A guy

    Just went on Barney’s out of curiosity and it is impossible to even order them. An error code pops up saying that they are unavailable.

  3. Brandon Post author

    Hello “A Guy” – If you are having trouble ordering from Barneys website, then you can also call any Barneys or Barneys COOP store and order by phone. Also, I notice that you sent other questions in your post… But those questions are better suited for communication by email. Unfortunately, you did not enter your real email address so I cannot reply to you. If you want me to reply, then please email

  4. Daniel

    I regret not entering the first contest, so I can’t pass this one up. Going to Barneys after work tomorrow to grap a pair. Thanks for putting this on, should be fun.

  5. Michael

    What a great concept, you guys did it again! How can a Swiss denim lover get a pair of these? Barneys doesn’t ship overseas :-(

  6. Brandon Post author

    Hey Michael, actually Barneys does ship internationally to 89 countries! I checked and Switzerland is one of them! When you check out just go to “International Checkout” and scroll down to your country.

  7. Zack

    yo, love theese, i gota pair of scratch n sniff and glow in the dark, but parents said there not ordering anymore cuz were on the west cost of canada, have any sujestions?

  8. James McGee

    I am for sure entering this contest. Just got my red cores last week. Time to wear them hard!!!!

  9. Brandon Post author

    Hey Sal, the red does not show through right away. The red is in the core of the yarn and will only show through once the denim starts fading.

  10. Angie

    Hey I’m the denim specialist at the Austin, TX Barneys Co-Op. I can help anyone order these. Just shoot me an e-mail or call my store at 512.719.3504 and ask for me. Can’t wait to see the results!

  11. Jay M.

    I have been wearing a pair of lucky slim bootcuts in a size 33 which fit really well. What size should I order to provide a comparable fit in the waist?

  12. Kendra

    In addition to Angie, I am the men’s specialist at Barney’s CoOp Atlanta. If you live on the East Coast and are unable to order online, I can be reached at 404.467.1569 :) Good luck guys!!

  13. Ralph Elliott

    How do I know you know I entered?

    Also, I’m a 36.5 and I bought size 34 and they fit perfect; meaning they are tight now but expect them to stretch out to perfection. P.S. All buttons buttoned with a little effort.

  14. Matt

    You guys should do a contest with a pair of skinny guys. I’d love to enter one of these but I prefer the fit of the skinny guy to the weird guy.

  15. Brandon Post author

    Hey Matt, we will possibly do one next season. For now you can always size down 1 on the WeirdGuy and it’ll fit more like the SkinnyGuy.

  16. Joel

    Matt, I’d actually tell you to size down two to get that perfect skinny fit. I usually prefer Skinny Guys but picked these up in a 28 (30 in SG) and they stretched to perfect! Compare the measurements on of your size SG vs. 2 sizes down in a WG.

    Just started wearing these, representing Canada, will send you guys some pics in a few days!

  17. John

    Hello to all of the Candian “hardcore” Naked and Famous lovers. You can get your “Red Core” denim at High Grade Clothing in Edmonton, Alberta. We have over 40 different N&F jeans in stock. Just give us a call @ 780-481-4640

  18. jeff

    i bought the red weft weird guy fit and it was suppose to have the same effect but it doenst…why is that? i had the jeans for a lil under a year and been trying to beat them up so it can fade to red…

  19. Steve

    What’s the difference between the “red core” selvage jeans and the “red weft” selvage jeans?

    I bought the latter hoping to have that cool fade effect ^^, that’ll still happen right?

  20. Brandon Post author

    Steve + Jeff… This is a very common question. “What is the difference between the red core denim and the red weft denim?” and “How do they fade differently?” The answer is the red core denim fades to red because the core of the warp yarns (outside yarns) are red and the indigo chips away with wear. The red wefts wont really fade to red. The warp on the red weft denim will fade to lighter shades of blue like any denim. But, when you get little rips and tears and damage on your jeans from hard use, the red weft jeans will have red yarns poking through, which look pretty neat and that’s why some might say you get red “fades” with those jeans as well. The red core jeans start off looking like a normal indigo jean and fade with red marks. The red weft denim is super dark indigo outside and red inside right away. You can flip up your cuff and show it off. It you want your red weft jeans to fade to red, you’ve gotta beat them up good so that there is enough “wear” for the red weft yarns to poke through. I hope that clarifies it a bit…

  21. Barry

    Hey Brandon,

    Any chance of these making its way to Vancouver?

    What other jeans has the same raw denim color?

  22. Mike T

    hey Brandon,

    does the “dirty fade” denim show brown the same way this red core denim fades?? I’m interested in getting a few pairs of raw denim seen.

    You guys are the best!! keep up the good work!!

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