32oz Heaviest Jeans in the World!

If anyone was to ask me “what is your favorite pair of jeans that you have ever created?”… my answer is our 32oz selvedge denim jeans… The heaviest pair of jeans ever made! We have worked to build this jean for 2 years and I can say with certainty that it was by far the most difficult production challenge we have ever overcome. Most people ask me “why the hell would you make a pair of jeans that is so heavy and uncomfortable?” and it’s a fair question… I often reply with an analogy “Why would someone climb mount Everest?” It’s not comfortable to do, its not easy, nor is it inexpensive… people do it so they can say they conquered the tallest mountain in the world. I find that human beings are fascinated by anything that is a superlative. Well, these jeans are my denim superlative.

From weaving the denim to cutting and sewing to installing the 15oz leather patch, this process has been a marvel of Japanese production skills. Without further blabbing, here are the photos of the final result…

138 pairs total were made and are available now at fine retailers worldwide! We may never be able to make these again so if you want a pair, you’ll have to act fast! So heavy and rigid, the jeans can easily stand on their own…

I’m often asked if the jeans are actually wearable. The answer is YES! I’ve worn a pair for a few days and it was doable, but I’m pretty bony and my hips were a bit marked up afterwards. In this photo below you can see one of the great staff members at colette boutique in Paris wearing his pair of 32oz jeans. They look amazing on him! He says after just 2 days of wear they are broken in and comfy. (I think he may be tougher than me.) Notice how he’s got a thick belt over the super thick patch!…

Here is 3 pairs of 32oz jeans next to 9 pairs of 11oz jeans!

I thought it would also be fun to share some photos of the actual sewing process, so here goes!… These photos are not in any particular order and I have 3000 photos of the production, so I just randomly chose a few…

The amount of hammering and ‘bashing’ involved in order to make the seams sew-able was extraordinary! A 2-sided mallet and the back of a screwdriver were both used to tame the beast that is 32oz denim…

One of the most difficult parts to sew is the feed-off center back yoke seam. That’s the point where several pieces are joined together, and you can see in the 4th photo below how thick that seam is. It’s almost a full inch thick! Crazy. This operation is always done by the most skilled worker. Good thing the Union Special held up as well as her fingers!

Struggling to turn a semi-finished pair outside-in… (It’s even difficult to just cuff these jeans!)

Hmm… how in the world are we going to sew the buttonhole?…

…With man-hand-power, that’s how!…

Laser-guided rivet installation…

Carefully sewing the woven taffeta label over a huge bump where the center yoke seam meets the waistband…

The final cleaning and snipping of any loose/extra thread. How rad are these 2 ladies?!…

Ok, I will admit that I put in this photo below because the girl is cute… Kawai!

Some extra photos for fun…

Well that’s it for now… If you are lucky/brave enough to have bought one of these masterpieces please do email me the photos. This denim should fade really beautifully as well! If you are thinking of buying a pair, just remember we like to joke… “Guaranteed uncomfortable or your money back!”

46 thoughts on “32oz Heaviest Jeans in the World!

  1. Matt.

    Picked these up from Leo’s Boutique, Calgary!! My favourite jeans in the whole world haha! I’ll send you some pictures when i can Brandon

    By the way, when are the winners of the Indigo/Indigo Slub Contest going to be released?

  2. Nolan F.

    Just ordered these.

    I felt a pair in store and they were too good to pass up.

    Many thanks to the team over at Tate & Yoko, specifically Alex, who was replying to my emails well past 10pm.

    Thanks guys, you’re great!

  3. Chris from DU

    Amazing, simply amazing! Great job Brandon and everyone else that had a hand in developing this crazy denim!

  4. Scott

    Well done ! I have a pair of Samurai 24oz and those were a tad bit tough . By the way …you wrote “Kawai ” about the young lady …should be kawaii .

    Kawai ( kah why ) means scary , while kawaii ( kah why-ee ) means cute .

    Keep up the fine craftmanship !

    Cheers ,


  5. Anon

    My favorite part of these jeans is the back belt loop at an angle because the machine can’t punch through the seam. What is that? Belt Loop:4 Flat Felled Seam:4 Total:8 Layers of 32oz Denim?

  6. Fabio

    They look fantastic! Congrats! By the way, what brand are the boots in the shoot? Like them too! ;)

  7. Ruedi Karrer

    Amazing pants. Need one for the Jeansmuseum in Zurich

    And a fading contest with them (best inside a never washed fading contest to see the max natural fading results)

  8. ran

    good job guys

    just got my size33 delivered to here in china. and according to my painful process of putting it on, you must have struggle awful lot while making this nasty epic! kudos

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  10. Jacob


    I live near Chicago. Where can I get a pair of these? Do you sell these online?

  11. Rick

    What hoodie is the guy wearing? That’s pretty steezy.

    Are these still available? Do you have to size up 1 because it’s so thick?

  12. Brandon Post author

    jun – The next production of these jeans will be the same. But, we will also do a very limited number of a black/black version.

  13. christian

    wow its remade, but the price is to hefty for me.

    i wish it will be a lot cheaper.

    curious about this jeans.

  14. Brandon Post author

    Christian – The price is actually pretty great considering how expensive the fabric is and considering how much of a costly and risky endeavor it is to sew these monster jeans! But if you like super heavyweight for a lower price, I suggest you check out our Elephant denim at around $165 retail.

  15. derek

    if one were to soak these jeans, how much would the inseam shrink? would one have to size up or stay tts?

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