32oz Heaviest Jeans in the World!

If anyone was to ask me “what is your favorite pair of jeans that you have ever created?”… my answer is our 32oz selvedge denim jeans… The heaviest pair of jeans ever made! We have worked to build this jean for 2 years and I can say with certainty that it was by far the most difficult production challenge we have ever overcome. Most people ask me “why the hell would you make a pair

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New Spring 2012 Shirts

Ok, so we already posted the new jeans styles for Spring 2012, I figure you guys wanna see some new shirts too! Oh, by the way, you may notice that the model (my friend Richie) is crooked in the photos, don’t worry, his left leg is longer than his right leg… for real. I’m too lazy to rotate each photo by 2 degrees and re-crop, so just tilt your head a bit and you can

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Fading Contest Results! – Indigo/Indigo Selvedge

About 6 months ago we announced our very first Denim Fading Contest… Now, the results are in! We would really like to thank everyone who entered and who had fun beating up their indigo/indigo 14.5oz selvedge denim jeans for this contest! I was curious as to how these jeans would fade due to the warp and weft yarns both being rope-dyed indigo, and I’m very happy to see some amazing results! Everyone who entered automatically

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New Fading Contest – Red Core Selvedge

Now that our last fading contest has ended its time to start a new one! The new jean is the WeirdGuy Red Core Selvedge, which is available exclusively in USA at Barneys and Barneys COOP stores. You can also buy it online HERE NOTE: YOU CAN STILL ENTER THE CONTEST NOW AND UNTIL MAY 18TH! The contest is very simple. To enter, all you have to do is buy a pair of these jeans at

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Origami Event at LIBERTY in London

Our next Selvedge Denim Origami event will be this coming Saturday March 24th at Liberty in London from 2pm to 7pm. There will be lots of free Japanese candy and other fun stuff, plus purchase any N&F jean or shirt and get a free selvedge denim origami creation made by me on the spot! See you there London denim nerds!