New Spring 2012 Denim Styles!

Even though its snowing here in Montreal now… I’d like to present our great new Spring/Summer 2012 denim selections that are in stores now!…


Top Row:

Check Twill Denim – Crazy checkered pattern indigo denim. (SkinnyGuy only.)

Silk Blend Denim – Contains 30% silk. So soft and stretchy. Barneys exclusive. (SkinnyGuy only.)

Hemp Blend Selvedge Denim – Contains 30% hemp. Green hemp colored selvedge. Natural beige hemp weft. 12.5oz. (SkinnyGuy only.)

Red Stretch Denim – Fun red color on soft 11oz stretchy denim. (SkinnyGuy only.)

Indigo Power-Stretch – Same as the favorite black power-stretch, but indigo version. (SkinnyGuy only.)

Middle Row:

Selvedge Beige Chino - Soft luxurious 13oz selvedge chino denim with red selvedge edge. (WeirdGuy + SlimGuy.)

Frankenstein2 – Taupe colored version of Frankenstein denim. Big slub mixed alternating twill direction with upside-down leather patch. (WeirdGuy only.)

Red Core Selvedge Denim – Indigo denim that fades to red! Yarn is core dyed red then rope dyed indigo. 14oz. Barneys exclusive. (WeirdGuy only.)

Raspberry Scratch-n-Sniff Denim – Does this need anymore explanation? Lasts up to 5 washes. (WeirdGuy only.)

Bottom Row:

Wax Coated Stretch – Indigo denim with wax coating. 12.5oz. (SkinnyGuy only.)

Gauze Double Weave - Double faced indigo lightweight denim with gauze interior. 10oz. Soft! (WeirdGuy only.)

Lightweight Painter Denim - Superlightweight 5oz summer denim. Old school painter blue color. (WeirdGuy + SlimGuy.)

Greencast Selvedge Denim – 12.5oz greencast indigo selvedge denim with pink edges. Great dark indigo alternative! (Available in all 3 fits!)

38 thoughts on “New Spring 2012 Denim Styles!

  1. James McGee

    What a great selection! I already picked up a bunch of these ones :) I absolutely must have the red core!

  2. JT

    The Red Core Selvedge Denim should definitely be available in Canada! There’s no Barney’s in Canada Brandon…

  3. zac

    I am looking to buy your Frankenstein2, and Red Core Selvedge Denim in wierdguy fit size 38. I do not know where i can purchase them from though. Do you have an online shop, or are you retail only? Sorry for such questions led me here, and i love your items.

  4. Bland

    First time I’ve heard of this brand, & it’s all thanks to Gizmodo. Where do I buy these from & what’s the biggest size you offer the silk denim in?

  5. Ahmed

    What is the best place to purchase them in MOntreal? I went over to 3 Monkeys, holt renfrew. No place has a good collection. Please recommend a place where some old collection will also be displayed.

  6. Devin

    Random, novice question but with the Check Twill Denim should people size down the same way they do with the basic selvedged denim or will it not stretch as much?

  7. Sean

    Wow, I saw some pics of the Red Core after post fading and they look killer!

    I mean they really do look like you killed somebody in them- I mean that in the best possible way. These look fantastic!

    And the greencast- that’s a must for me. Great Job Brandon !

  8. John

    Will the 5 oz. lightweight painter denim stretch the same way that your heavier denim does?

  9. Elliott

    i can personally attest that the silk denim are incredible! n&f are the only jeans i buy now. unsurpassed quality + i get tons of compliments.

  10. DUDE

    …where can i get the slim guy chinos….

    i cant find them anywhere in the states and barneys does not have them…

    any help brandon?

  11. Mikey

    I purchased the 5 oz denim and let me say that they are awesome! But they are so thin that im worried that they might actually tear. Obviously these wont be as strong as the higher weights but do i have anything to worry about by having bought these 1 size down?

  12. Brandon Post author

    This denim is thin but pretty strong. I mean, I wouldn’t scale a mountainside in those jeans but for everyday life you should be ok!

  13. zr

    Brandon, Any chance you’re going to make the Chino in Skinny Guy at some point. Or something similiar?

  14. Dok

    I heard through the grapevine that there will be some camo denim coming out later this year. Can you confirm this rumor Bandon., Thanks.

  15. Preet

    Brandon, PLEASE consider producing a pair of red selvedge in weird guy/slim guy in the future. The red, skinny stretch is “fun” but a pair of N&F red selvedge would be… amazing.

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