NEW SkinnyGuy Blanket Lined Double Denim

Introducing my favorite cool / cold weather jeans ever!… Blanket lined denim!

These jeans are just so damn cozy, they have a blanket lining! We’ll it’s not actually a lining, it’s a double weave which has 2 warps and 2 wefts woven simultaneously and attached with binding points. The yarns are indigo/black/indigo/tweed. That’s how the jeans get that super rich indigo/black color.

These are great for flipping the cuff and exposing some blanket interior.

The fabric reminds me on old-school blanket lined denim jackets. This is a must-have for winter!

Available now exclusively at Barneys New York and Barneys COOP stores nationwide!


We took some fun photos on the roof (but please excuse the orange tint, the sun was low and “orangy” this afternoon.):

They actually look pretty badass inside-out. Very “fresh prince of bel-air”!

12 thoughts on “NEW SkinnyGuy Blanket Lined Double Denim

  1. Nico

    These are pretty cool though Ive had the weirdguy blanket denim for a while they look a little different from the inside shades of color is their a different type of blanket lining you guys used or are they the same?

  2. Brandon Post author

    These are similar but not the same. The one you have was never available in SkinnyGuy and the blanket is not the same color combo.

  3. Daniel

    these jeans r so sick! going to be perfect in colorado’s fall/winter season!

    but will these jeans fade? or is it a no fade jean?

  4. Brandon Post author

    Yes, these jeans will fade, but differently than a classic indigo pair. These jeans are indigo/black/indigo/tweed so they fade in progression. I have a pair worn for 6 months, perhaps I’ll post photos soon…

  5. Brandon

    Slightly off topic but…being able to correspond with Brandon via email sold me…after grabbing a pair of Camels, 2 Indigos, 1 Frankenstein, Elephant 1, Grey Selv., Momotaro collab, and 24 oz. Blacks later – my favorite denim PERIOD! Just wish i hadn’t wasted $ on APCs, Varvatos, and Diors before I got hooked. I am a loyal fan now Brandon. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Kevin

    Ok so this is completely unrelated to the new denim but, what denim belt shirt combo do you have on in the picture where you’re holding the denim up? It looks awesome.

  7. RapFan

    I got a question Brandon, are my weird guy blanket denim jeans sanfornized? I wasn’t able to find that info anywhere

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