2 New Fall Styles

Check out these 2 new great Fall styles that just hit stores!…

Left to right: Pomegranate Selvedge, Tweed Fill Selvedge

1) Pomegranate Selvedge - 14oz left-hand-twill selvedge denim dyed in a blended dyestuff made partially from real pomegranate tannin. We also added a chemical color stabalizer so the color won’t fade fast in the sun and also in order to have an even surface color. The deep saturated color is so beautiful and will fade very nicely. I can’t wait to see a beat up pair! (Only available in WeirdGuy fit.)

2) Tweed Fill Selvedge - 13oz Indigo Selvedge denim with a tweed nep weft yarn. The grey melange fill yarns are quite soft and rich and give the denim a unique and luxurious appearance. These look really neat when rolled up on a nice tough boot. (Available in WeirdGuy + SlimGuy.)

Here are some more photos of both jeans:

23 thoughts on “2 New Fall Styles

  1. James

    Will those pomegranate jeans fade to a pink like deep indigo fade to white/electric blue? I may have to try those out, though it’s a shame that they don’t come in SkinnyGuy.

  2. Hugo

    Already working on my Pomegranate Selvedge since last friday. Will send you guys a picture as soon as they are beaten up! Cheers

  3. Mike T.

    I’ve been waiting on the Pomegranate color for a while!! very nice! Please send them to a retailer in Michigan.

  4. Nick

    Brandon, can you give me the style number on the tweed fill selvedge in the slim guy style? Im going to have a local shop order me these and they have asked for the number.


  5. Joe

    Wow those pomegranate joints are so dope . I wish there was a slim guy available ! The weird guys are a tad bit small on me ‘

  6. Brandon Post author

    Just size down on WeirdGuy for a skinnier fit. I’m not 100% sure how they will fade yet… that’s part of the fun. If you do get that pair, please send photos after you beat them up a bit!

  7. James

    If I can get them in my country in size 28 then I certainly will, wearing red jeans often enough to fade them should get an interesting reaction… I have some Deep Indigos that are coming along amazingly well after just 15 wears, so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  8. Dirk

    Is the Tweed denim 100% cotton or it has wool blended in it? If wool is blended, what is the content of cotton and wool?

    Are they ok to wear for people having sensitive skin? Will they itch? Thanks.

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