Glow in the Dark Jeans

Presenting… one of our craziest and most fun jeans ever… Glow in the Dark jeans! Available NOW at Barneys New York and Barneys COOP nationwide. (Soon to be on as well.)

Here are some more photos… (Note: these photos below have NOT been edited in photoshop. These jeans really do glow in the dark!)

Here are some detail shots:

Just charge them up in the light (can be natural sunlight or artificial bulb light) and then shut the lights and watch ‘em glow! The jeans will also glow intensely under UV light (aka Blacklight), so if you wear the jeans in a club with a blacklight, your pants will appear neon green! Even the selvedge edges glow so flip up your cuff to flip people out!

The jeans work because we apply a phosphorescent coating to the fabric in Japan. This coating is baked into the fabric and will absorb light and slowly release that light with an emanating green glow, just like those Glow in the Dark stickers we had on our ceiling as a kid. Another fun aspect of the jeans is after you beat them up a bit the wear patterns will cause the coating to fade in certain parts of the jean and will create a unique piece of glowing art!

We have done 5 wash tests and the jeans still glow nicely. If you want the glow to last as long as possible, wash your jeans as little as possible, (we know you do that anyways) or just dry clean them.


70 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Jeans

  1. Mitchell

    Oh man, been waiting my entire life for glow in the dark pants, and better yet they’re raw denim! How many did you guys make? And whats the weight? Thanks.

  2. JP

    Ha ha, you guys are messed up. Awesome! My N&F smell so bad after 6 months unwashed that they probably glow in the dark anyway…

  3. Brandon Post author

    The denim is coated in a phosphorescent coating, which absorbs light and slowly releases the light over time.
    Weight = 13.5oz

  4. Brandon Post author

    Just to clarify at doubt, these jeans do not emit any radiation. That would be pretty weird and probably very illegal and expensive too! It’s simply a coating that absorbs light and then slowly releases that light.

  5. Brandon Post author

    Barneys will ship internationally. The jeans will be on their website soon. But before that happens, you can simply call any Barneys or Barneys COOP store and order over the phone.

  6. Frank Brennan

    This would be great as a safety tool also. An example would be highway works at night would be more visible wearing these jeans.

  7. Emma

    Make these for girls! Girls love gimmicky shit like this (I, for instance, would immediately throw cash at my computer to obtain a pair if they came in any girl styles or short styles)

    I assure you, they’d sell BIG. Appeals to the raver crowd!

  8. Alex

    Barneys link not working anymore. Any chance they’re not sold out? Or will they be available in other locations shortly?

  9. Brandon Post author

    The jeans are sold out on their website, but not in store. To order, all you have to do is call ANY Barneys New York or Barneys COOP, then ask to speak to a salesperson or manager from MENS COOP section and they can order it for you! I believe they offer free shipping accross the USA.

  10. Brian

    I can’t find these anywhere online and do not have a barneys near me. Does anyone know where I can order these online?

  11. Tom

    Hey Brandon, I was wondering whether these are suppose to turn blue after wear because I seem to have some indigo showing on the jeans and i dont know whether theyre coming from something else

  12. HELP

    AAAHHHH!!!!!! help ok so i have called every barneys in the US and every outlet and warehouse they ship to and they all say they either they never had the pants, there out of stock, or they wont be in until next fall … is there anyway possible way that there is any left in size 30 that i can get this month … (There for my really good friend).

  13. Dan

    Seriously, I want a pair and theres none on the internet, can anyone help me out with this. I can only afford to pay for them in about another 2months.

  14. Travis

    So I don’t even like jeans, at all… but I would TOTALLY WEAR THESE JEANS!!!!!!! Where do I buy them?

  15. Kelsey


    i would love to ordr a pair and i was wondering if they come in womens sizes or if you could convert mens to womens

    ANd also how much are they with shipping to canada?

  16. desmond

    do these glow without blacklight? like if i were to walk into a room with no lights on or if i walked outside at night, would they still glow as intensely as the picture? because i saw a few youtube videos of ppl in the dark with them on but they didnt glow cept when they put the light over it :( please reply, im planning to get a pair soon

  17. Brandon Post author

    Desmond – Yes, these jeans do glow in the dark after being exposed to any light. The UV light (aka Blacklight) will just make the glow work faster and brighter than “normal” light. If you walk in the sun and then go into a dark room, the jeans will glow bright! It’s often hard to pickup on camera, but much easier with the naked eye. Enjoy!

  18. Desmond

    thanks so much! ill be picking them up in a week or two, one more question, what color will they fade to?

  19. Tanner

    Best pair of jeans I have ever bought…. Most expensive as well. They ran around $200 and I got them right when they came out. They shipped them to me while I was at military training and I wore them while on my weekend pass.

  20. Maddy

    I need a pair of these. I don’t even care if they only come in men’s sizes. It’s a risk I’m willing to take

  21. Johnny Breuer

    I just bought a pair, they are UNREAL. The glow in the dark is money, the slimmer fit is great, can’t wait to break this raw denim in!

  22. Jerome

    I need these jeans like by next week could u tell me where i can purchase these ive been searching for months

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