Aged Natural Leather Belt

Bahzad has been rocking one of our 15oz super thick natural veggie-tanned leather belts for almost a full year now. We compared it with an original brand new belt. Check out the photos below to see how it has aged beautifully…

Bahzad a porté l’une de nos 15 oz super épais naturelles légumes-tannées ceintures de cuir pour près d’un an maintenant. Nous avons comparé avec une ceinture de marque originale de nouvelles. Regardez les photos ci-dessous pour voir comment il a vieilli …

15 thoughts on “Aged Natural Leather Belt

  1. Andy

    I’ve got a black 15oz belt. It’s less than a month old and it’s already showing signs of aging. I think it’s gonna look even better than the one above after 12 months!

  2. Andy

    What jeans is he wearing in Picture #1 BTW? N&F I assume but which pair? The denim looks sweet!

  3. Matt

    where can i get this belt? i just bought the brown/brown 7mm N&F belt yesterday thinking it was this one…=/

  4. Wunna

    Where can i get N&F Thick Belt, Natural color in Singapore? or any online shops which deliver to Singapore? Thanks

  5. Kali

    Brandon, if I purchase the natural tan belt, is there anything I can do to speed up this process and achieve the “aged” look in a short period of time? Thanks.

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