Big John X Naked & Famous Collaboration

Check out our newest collabo with original Japanese denim brand Big John…


Big John is the first ever Japanese denim brand, founded in 1940. Originally, they were a manufacturer of uniforms, but when competitors started using polyester they couldn’t compete and insisted on using on natural cotton fabrics. So they looked to USA to see what garments were made of cotton and they found jeans! They started making jeans in USA made from Cone selvedge denim, and then they bought Cone denim and imported the fabric to make the jeans in Japan. But it was not long before Levis got upset at Cone Denim for selling so much fabric to Big John. Levis put pressure on Cone to stop selling fabric to BJ. So then Big John decided to commission a Japanese mill to create denim fabric in Japan for the first time ever! They hired Kurabo to make the first ever Japanese denim fabric. Kurabo created KD1 (Kurabo Denim 1) but it was rejected. Then they tried KD2, KD3, KD4…. until finally KD8 was accepted! Our collaboration is made with a selvedge reproduction of that KD8 fabric!

The first ever Japanese denim brand, with the first ever Japanese denim, in collaboration with N&F!

377 pairs were made. All exclusively available at Barneys New York and Barneys COOP stores nationwide in USA.

Here are some photos of the jeans being made in the Big John factory in Kojima:

Consultez notre plus récente collaboration avec le denim original japonais de marque “Big John”.


Big John est la première marque de denim japonais, fondée en 1940. A l’origine, ils étaient fabricants d’uniformes mais lorsque leurs concurrents ont commencé à utiliser le polyester et qu’ils n’ont pas pu soutenir la concurrence, ils ont insisté sur l’utilisation des tissus de coton naturel. Alors, ils ont cherchés aux Etats-Unis quels vêtements étaient faits en coton et ils ont trouvé le Jeans !

Ils ont commencé à fabriquer des jeans aux Etats-Unis avec du denim ‘’selvedge’’ de ‘’Cone’’ puis ils ont acheté du denim de ‘’Cone’’ et ont importé le tissu pour fabriquer des jeans au Japon. Mais il ne tarda pas à Levis de se fâcher contre ‘’Cone’’ de vendre autant de tissu à Big John. Levis fît des pressions auprès de Cone afin d’arrêter la vente de tissu à BJ. Ainsi Big John decida de commanditer une usine japonaise pour créer pour la première fois un tissu en denim au Japon ! Ils ont engagé Kurabo pour faire le premier tissu en denim Japonais, une première jamais vue ! Kurabo créa KD1 (Kurabo Denim 1) mais ce fut rejeté. Puis ils ont tenté le KD2, le KD3, le KD4… jusqu’à ce que finalement le KD8 fut accepté ! Notre collaboration se fît avec une reproduction ‘’selvedge’’ de ce tissu KD8 !

La première marque de denim japonais, avec le premier denim Japonais, en collaboration avec N&F !

377 paires de jeans ont été fabriquées. Tous les jeans sont disponibles en exclusivité dans les magasins Barneys New York et Barneys Coop aux Etats-Unis à l’échelle nationale.

Voici quelques photos des jeans confectionnés dans l’usine Big John à Kojima :

22 thoughts on “Big John X Naked & Famous Collaboration

  1. Mark

    Its a shame you can’t buy them in Canada or online yet. I’d definitely get myself a pair.

  2. Brandon Post author

    Yeah, these are only available in USA. But Barneys will have it up on their website next week and they do ship to Canada. I’ll post a link once they have it up…

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  4. Brandon Post author

    Well Big John is a jeans brand not a denim mill. They make jeans, not denim. But they do hire mills to make custom denim fabric for them just as we do.

  5. Brandon Post author

    This style is a special worldwide exclusive for Barneys New York and Barneys COOP stores. Even though we are Canadian, none are available in Canada now. My brother wanted a pair, and even he doesn’t get one!

    But I do think Barneys will ship to Canada. The jean is on their website now. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT.

  6. Jeff

    Grabbed a pair when I happened to be in NYC, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re serious about getting a pair it’s worth the effort.

  7. Denis

    I was wondering how much these stretch? What would be the sizing recommendations? True to size or a size under?

  8. Arnold

    Bought these today and I sized down 2 for a comfortable fit. It was able to be buttoned up easily and everything checked out great. Love the feel on these and can’t wait to break them in.

  9. Sean

    Is this Sanforized denim or will it shrink?

    Were 377 pairs made in each size or a total of 377 pairs?

  10. Robert

    Sean this denim is Sanforized. The tag says it will not shrink and buy true to size. I have these and love the shit out of them. I also believe that 377 pairs in total were made.

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